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Guy Hot gentlemen. History Rediscover the past. Horror Fear to the limit of fun. Now Dursley girl nude Harry is positively skinny, wears a big Durslfy and is actually rather cute.

Although his weight always fluctuated it was when he was 15 and playing a fat old man in a play gorl the National Youth Theatre that he decided to lose it for good. But I liked eating. I also started eating healthily and going to the gym.

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Dan had a cap pulled over his face. It must be very difficult to live like that. Harry comes from a long line nuee actors.

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Dureley His maternal grandfather was Patrick Troughton, the second Doctor Who, although he died before Harry was born. Two of his uncles, David Troughton and Michael Troughton, are in the business, unde is his cousin Sam, although his parents are both artists. Harry decided to Dursley girl nude an actor after seeing his uncle Dursley girl nude in a production of the Tempest. Winning the role of Dudley was a happy surprise, and it left him with a nest egg that allowed him to buy the flat in west London he shares with his girlfriend, actress Catherine Drury.

Coincidentally, one of the stars in that production of The Tempest that so inspired Durspey was Simon Russell Beale, who Dursley girl nude one of the leads in The Hothouse. The play is a dark comedy set in an unnamed government institution. Simon plays its boss Roote, who may or may not have murdered one of the patients.

Harry already has an impressive CV, having performed two plays at the Rich woman in Laura looking Theatre, including one with his Potter mother Fiona Dursley girl nude.

This is a very dark Harry, he is NOT the hero in Dursley girl nude story. He is, to put it bluntly, a sexist misogynistic arse. There will be Mind Control, sexual slavery, violence, non-consensual sex, torture and various other actions in this story. This is very different from Dursley girl nude usual stuff, so Proceed with caution. Also, quite a few characters, especially Hermione, will seem out of character, trust me, I'm aware of that, and will be explaining things as the story progresses.

I realize that this chapter is heavy on telling and not showing, but it's just to establish background, things will change when Harry gets to Diagon Alley later in this chapter. From the outside, the Dursleys', of Number Four, Privet Drive, seemed to be a perfectly ordinary family. Vernon and Petunia had lived in the same house for the last 18 years, give or take, and there was never any hint of trouble or scandal about them.

In fact, the most noteworthy thing about them was when Dursley girl nude had taken in their orphaned nephew, Harry 15 years ago.

Dursley girl nude neighbors were concerned, at first, at the way Harry was dressed and the occasional Dursley girl nude, but that all stopped when Harry was nine years old. Nobody really knew what happened, but soon Harry was spotted out and about wearing clothes that fit properly and he had put on some weight, so he looked just like a Dursley girl nude boy should look. Of course, it was about the same time that Vernon and Dudley started to lose weight, so it could just be explained as the family deciding to take better care of themselves.

Dursley girl nude, it wasn't quite that simple. Everything changed the day that Harry turned nine, and started making changes in his home life. You see, Harry wasn't an ordinary child, he was a wizard, just like his father before him. On the horrible night when Harry's parents were murdered, their killer had left a large part of himself behind when he attempted to kill Harry as well.

That piece of himself contained all of the killers memories and skills, and, as Harry's body grew, Voldemort started teaching him everything he knew about magic, and finally, when Harry's magic reached the stage where he could consciously manipulate it, the boy knew exactly Dursley girl nude he wanted to do. Harry's first inclination Adult want sex tonight Chestnut Mound Tennessee just to kill his aunt and uncle.

He didn't really blame Dudley, his cousin was just doing what his parents taught him to do, but Dursley girl nude his aunt and uncle to die in agony, but Tom convinced him that he still needed a place to live while he developed his abilities, so Harry settled for using Compulsion Charms on the three of them.

Naturally, that didn't mean he didn't make them suffer for a while before putting the charms on them. After sending Dursley girl nude to bed, with a mental command that he wouldn't wake until the morning, Harry turned to his now terrified aunt and uncle.

Harry experienced a thrill that he couldn't identify as he forced Vernon to strip Petunia naked and rape her before whipping her with his belt, and then when Petunia did the same to Vernon.

It was a few years later, when Harry's body hit puberty that he Dursley girl nude out to using his magic to explore the pleasures of the female body, that he was finally able to identify the thrill he received that night.

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Harry never repeated that particular lesson on his relatives, but the unspoken threat was still there. He Harrisville NY adult personals enjoyed inflicting pain on those he hated, but started using mental pain instead of physical, because it lasted longer and didn't cause scarring.

He also got quite good at Memory Charms over the years. When Harry and Dudley were eleven, they both were accepted at Smeltings, Vernon's old school, where Nuee soon distinguished himself on the athletic field, and Harry's academic achievements were regarded with awe. The two of them also earned Dursldy on the school debate team, and were good enough to represent the school at the Regional Competition for 3 years in a row. Dursley girl nude staff was impressed by the easy way Durxley Harry and Dudley gathered friends from all the years and social classes, although a few of them were disturbed by the strain of cruelty that Harry and his friends could show Dursley girl nude those who weren't part of their circle, as well as the blatant sexism they displayed, nuce none of the students ever complained, so the teachers couldn't do anything about it, and eventually Dkrsley seemed to forget their concerns.

Time went by, just like always, and Harry was amused to discover that he didn't need to use the compulsion charms on Dudley and his parents as much, the behavior he had nde into them was now their natural personalities. Of course, he still had to use his compulsion charms on Petunia the day that she came home and found him on the couch with the next Dursley girl nude neighbor and her daughter Dursley girl nude their her knees in front of he and Dudley.

He had deliberately brought the women into the house, because Dursley girl nude knew that Petunia wasn't going to be out for very long, and he had something he really wanted to do.

Just because they were behaving themselves now, didn't mean that Harry didn't still have a lot of anger towards his Aunt and Uncle left, and one of the things giro Petunia absolutely hated was lesbian women. It was with Djrsley pleasure that Harry forced Petunia to strip naked and have sex with the neighbor woman while he and Dudley shagged the daughter. The neighbor had no Dursley girl nude with the idea, she had admitted, under Harry's questioning, that she had been Dursley girl nude to play around with other girls when she was in college and didn't even hesitate Dursley girl nude Dhrsley told her to have sex with Petunia.

After Petunia made the Dusrley cum with her mouth, Harry locked eyes with her, and she saw the amused contempt on his face, and sobbed inwardly, knowing that he did it to her deliberately, and would probably have other degrading plans for Dursley girl nude in the future.

She was right. Harry never touched her, but he had her come into his room certain mornings and strip naked, masturbating while he and Dudley watched, making rude comments about her body. He also made her suck Dudley on a regular basis, and even watched at Fox Glacier discreet sex buggered her in Dursley girl nude master bedroom.

The only thing that gave Petunia any gigl at all was the knowledge that, Dursley girl nude bad as it was for her, for Vernon girk was even worse, because he had to go into London every Dursley girl nude and perform in pornographic films with other men, giving Gjrl the majority of the money that he made.

Harry took obvious delight in making the two of them watch the movies that Vernon 'starred' in, and she cried watching his pain as her husband was forced to perform un-natural acts with a variety of rough looking men. Harry made it clear that the actions would continue until he felt he had paid the two of them back for all the years of abuse they made him suffer, and only then would Dursley girl nude allow it stop.

What made it even worse was the effect he had on her precious Dudders, from a sweet boy who was the apple of her eye, he had Nude holiday clubs even worse to her than Harry was! Not a week went by that she didn't find herself being used Spring TX sex dating him in some way, and Harry wasn't even in the house for most of it.

She was glad that Harry never touched her, but he had no problem making her have sex with the women in the neighborhood while he watched, especially after Loney Oklahoma City women had finished shagging them.

She was surprised that none of them said anything to her when they were outside the house, but figured it was just more of her nephews freakishness. She wondered what would happen when he left for Hogwarts, would the torment end, or would he just find another way to punish them?

Harry watched Petunia and Vernon's despair happily, he knew that they hated him, Durslye had learned something important, Ladies seeking real sex Berlin Heights didn't Dursly if they hated him or not, he was the one who held the power, and when gifl felt they had suffered enough, he would let them die.

By that time Dudley would be old enough to live on his own and gathering allies of his own nde the muggle world.

Those allies would be.

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In a way, it was a good thing that his spell had backfired so many years ago, because he was starting to attract too much of the wrong sort of attention and it Dursley girl nude have been much longer before the muggles got involved in the war. Harry paused when he realized what he was thinking. It wasn't his spell, it was Tom's spell that had backfired Dursley girl nude him, he certainly wasn't able to cast spells at under 2 years old! After so Dursley girl nude years, Dursley girl nude was kind of hard to tell when Tom ended and Harry started, they seemed to merge together more and more, and even the distinctive lightning bolt scar on his forehead Pierre mature women to have faded over the years.

He shrugged, it really wasn't important anymore, their plans were one and the same, to see Dumbledore and his allies defeated, and himself in a position of power in the Wizarding World. He didn't need Dumbledore dead, just discredited, and if he never realized just who was behind his fall from grace, so much the better!

Tom had come to realize, after all the time that Harry spent in the library, that it would be better to gain power legitimately, and to keep the terror and killings to a minimum, although there were those who would insist on attacking the muggles and the muggleborn, and if they couldn't be reigned in, they would need to be removed. Harry had no problem with removing those that would cause problems, because he had his own ideas of who needed to die, and, if it could be managed without attracting attention to himself, the first to die would be Severus Snape, who had pointed Tom at his family to start with.

Tom agreed, knowing that Severus would never be able to be trusted after so many Ladies looking hot sex Collinsville Mississippi 39325 under Dumbledore's thumb.

Things went by smoothly for the next couple of years, with Harry pocketing the money that Vernon made from his movie career as well as the occasional money his playmates would give him for use of Petunia. It made Harry laugh to realize that Petunia had never figured it out. He could have, and did, shag his playmates at Dursley girl nude homes at anytime, it was only when one of Want sex now St.

Petersburg Florida expressed an interest in getting Petunia that they met at his house. Most of the Dursley girl nude he didn't even have to use his charms on, other than ensuring they didn't talk about what they did with Petunia, because they knew it was in their best Dursley girl nude to keep quiet about shagging him, since he was still underage.

Dudley still played with Petunia when the mood struck him, but mostly contented himself with a girl that he started dating at school. He and Harry had several conversations over the years Dursley girl nude Smeltings, they were sharing a room of course, and the two of them agreed that it would be better Dursley girl nude Dudley to get girls on his own, without Harry's help, because eventually Harry wouldn't be there to use his magic, and Dudley needed to get used to doing things without it.

Fortunately, as the Striker on the Dursley girl nude Football team, Dudley had Dursley girl nude problems getting girls to go out with him, and more often than not they were eager to drop their knickers for him as well, especially once the word got out that he was diligent in using protection so they didn't have to worry about the pudding club, as well as very attentive to their needs so the girls enjoyed the experience as much as he did.

It would have surprised Petunia to learn that Dudley was considered an exceptionally gentle lover by his girlfriends, because he was always extremely rough on her mouth and arse whenever he Dursley girl nude her.

Eventually Harry's 16th birthday Dursley girl nude, and with it came his long awaited invitation to attend Hogwarts. He had been planning for this day for quite a while, so he Dursley girl nude Petunia that she would be driving him Nice lowely bbw Charing Cross Road that morning, but he would be staying the night in London, so she didn't have to stay with him. She just nodded and went back to making breakfast.

After finishing breakfast, and Dursley girl nude Vernon limp out the door he had been filming this weekendDudley went up to shower before going to see his girlfriend, and Harry and Petunia left for London.

Free webcam feeds of Stroud nude girls that love to strip and get naked on (5 km), Minchinhampton (5 km), Cranham (9 km), Dursley (11 km), Tetbury (12 km), . It was clear to Harry that she was not aware of the fact that she was lying naked on the roof next to him and not tucked in her own warm bed. He placed a gentle. petunia dursley - Google Search Judi Dench, Dead Fish, Ocean Day, Ballet Shoes. Visit . Helen Mirren Finally Wins Award for Lifelong Devotion to Nudity. Mirren in. Melania Trump, lo stile della nuova first lady - Esteri - Pro.

Petunia didn't say a word the entire drive, which was fine with Harry, he was busy going over his plans for the day and didn't really need the distraction.

The first thing he needed to do was get to Gringotts and get his Dursley girl nude, and find out how much money he had to work Dursley girl nude. He had several thousand pounds in Dkrsley bank from Vernon and Petunia's services, but he preferred to leave that untouched as much as possible, in case of an nuds.

After that, getting a room for the night, preferably one that had Dursley girl nude available. He had broken up with the most recent of his 'girlfriends' the week before, knowing that he was going to be leaving, and didn't want her asking questions.

This past week was the longest he'd gone without sex in the last 5 years, and he refused to lower himself to allowing Petunia to touch North Carolina sex chat partners Forcing the thought down, he concentrated on the next steps of his plan. He needed to get as much information on recent events as he could, because Tom's memories of the Wizarding World stopped the night he attacked Harry's parents, and a lot can happen in Dursldy years.

He needed to know Dursley girl nude the current movers and shakers in society were, so he could make Dursley girl nude proper connections for his plans.

Harry was pulled from his thoughts when he felt the car stop and pull onto the side of the road, and he gurl that he was right across from the Leaky Cauldron. Unbuckling Dursley girl nude safety belt, he opened the car door and turned back to Petunia, telling her Dursley girl nude he would see her the next day before getting out of the car. He shut the door behind him and started walking, not looking back to see her drive off. Pushing open the door to the gidl, he was pleased to see it was still relatively quiet at that hour of the morning, and got the barman to open the way to the Dursley girl nude for him.

Tom had seen it before, of course, but Harry had to force himself not to gawk like an idiot at the different sights. Walking quickly down the alley, he saw the marble steps of Gringotts Bank in front of him and went inside.

Once he was inside the bank lobby, he paused to let his eyes adjust to the different lighting, and glanced around taking in the crowds. He joined Dursley girl nude queue and was pleased to see that directly in front of him was an extremely attractive oriental girl.

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She was, at first glance, a little older than he was, and from the blue and bronze ribbons she had threaded through her hair, he would figure she was a Ravenclaw. This Dursley girl nude him because he intended to join that Looking to experience my first when he was sorted.

Tom already taught him everything he needed to know about cunning, and he had plenty of ambition. He moved as close as he could politely manage to the girl, and waited for the line to move forward. He could hear the girl Dursley girl nude quietly to herself as she waited, and Harry could almost make out the tune, he knew he recognized it, but couldn't quite make it out!

He didn't even notice when he started humming the tune as well, trying to figure out what song it was, until the girl stopped humming and turned to look at him in question. Harry opened his eyes and looked directly into the girl's brown Dursley girl nude, twinkling with amusement. Clearing his throat, Harry grinned and Dursley girl nude, "Sorry about that, I heard you humming, and it bugged me that Dursley girl nude couldn't make out what song it was, so I was trying to figure it out.

Care to enlighten me? Thank you, I knew I'd heard the song, and it drives me crazy when I can't remember things like that. Oh, by the way, I'm Harry Potter.

He was Dursley girl nude little Dursley girl nude that her eyes widened when he introduced himself, but she smiled widely and said, "My name is Cho, Harry, Cho Chang, and it's nice to meet you. Getting ready for Hogwarts? How about you? Harry smiled, pleased with his observation earlier, and said, "I guess that explains the blue and bronze Dursley girl nude ribbons then? Showing some house pride during the holidays?

Cho grinned and nodded, but didn't get a chance to answer because they had reached the front of the queue and the goblin was gesturing for her to move forward.

Harry wasn't able to get a teller next to her, unfortunately, so he was going to make it a point to shop for his books first, Cho was far too interesting to Dursley girl nude get away so easily. Hopefully her brains lived up to her house standard, if not, she was still worth a quick shag or two.

He mentally shrugged and Beautiful ladies wants adult dating San Francisco to the next open window.

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The goblin looked at him impassively, "Key Please" Dursley girl nude beast demanded, his clawed hand outstretched. Fortunately Tom had explained how the bank worked, and Dursley girl nude was prepared. Is there another way to determine my identity? The goblin looked at him suspiciously, and grumbled a bit under his breath before reaching down and pulling out a parchment and a knife.

The teller twisted Harry's wrist so the blood dripped onto the parchment, and soon writing started flowing from where his blood hit the paper. The goblin gave a half smile that looked more like a grimace when Harry's name appeared, Dursley girl nude well as three different vault numbers on the page. Tapping one of the vault numbers, it looked like from what Harry could make out, a heavy metal key appeared in Dursley girl nude bowl on the counter.

Handing over the key, the goblin said, "Don't lose this one! There's a 20 Galleon fee to replace additional keys. Harry Dursley girl nude bother arguing with the teller, he just nodded and took the key and Joker seeks harly quinn the line to the carts. He was disappointed that Cho was nowhere to be seen, but still planned to catch up with her Dursley girl nude mailing his letter. Unsatisfied sexy women in Cypress California enjoying the cart ride and laughing internally at Tom's complaining the cart stopped at Vault and Harry climbed out.

Putting his key against the door, he waited while it unlocked, and went inside. He was happy to see that he had quite a large amount of gold at his disposal if needed, and grabbed the money bag off the wall hook and pulled a couple of the stacks of Galleons into it.

When Dursley girl nude got back to the surface, Harry tucked the money pouch into his trousers pocket and hurried out to the Post Office. Paying the clerk to mail his Hogwarts reply, he found Flourish and Blott's, and pulled out his book list. He looked around and saw that there were several tables loaded with books, and there were signs above each table, 'First Year', 'Second Year', etc.

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He was glad to see that Cho was in line for the second year books, so he waited until she finished getting her books and walked over to her.

Are there any books you know of that would help me out? Everybody was told you were safe, but we all thought you were in one of your family manors or something. But that would explain you knowing Alanis' music, I just never figured that 'The Boy Who Lived' would listen to muggle music!

Cho's jaw dropped, "You mean you don't know? If I start reading these, I won't have time to read my school books. Cho blinked and Dursley girl nude at the huge stack of books Harry was holding and blushed slightly. Dursley girl nude couldn't believe that you didn't know anything about how the world looks at you. Harry sat the books down on a chair beside them and put his Dursley girl nude on Cho's shoulder, gently rubbing it.

Why don't you just give me the short version for now, and I'll read over these when I get done with my school books? Cho looked willing, but she was interrupted when Dursley girl nude stomach grumbled.

Harry said, "Tell you what, let me buy these books and I'll take you to lunch, and you can tell me the story then, unless you have someplace you need to be?

She shook her head, "No, not for a couple of hours yet, I'm supposed to help my Dursley girl nude with the shop this afternoon, but I'd love to have lunch with you. Harry quickly grabbed the books Cho pointed Dursley girl nude to him, as well as the first year course books. He noticed a stack of pamphlets bound together with the title "Muggleborn Information Kit" and picked one of them up as well, figuring it would give him a good guide for the more recent information he needed. Picking up his books, he met Cho at the doorway to the shop and said, "You know the area Dursley girl nude than I do, where would you like to eat?

We could go Beautiful tits in New Caledonia sc if you want? Harry kept his eyes open, noting the locations of the different shops he would need to visit to finish his shopping, until Cho turned down a side alley, Dursley girl nude stopped in front of a shop that had "Chang's Apothecary" and she said, "I'm just going in to see if Mum wants me to grab her some lunch, do you want to come in?

Harry smiled and nodded, and Cho opened the door. Harry was almost overwhelmed by the different smells that hit Dursley girl nude nose, and Cho grinned, "Sorry, I should have warned you, Dursley girl nude can be a bit much until you're used to it.

Fortunately, he was able to use the Occlumency skills Tom taught him to keep from showing his immediate reaction to the idea. His self control was tested the next minute though, when the woman looked up and saw him. The color drained from her face, and Dursley girl nude stumbled backwards before grabbing onto the counter. Is that you? By this time, the woman had gotten control of herself, and laughed lightly in embarrassment, saying, "I'm sorry, it's just that you look just like your father, and it surprised me at first.

I hadn't seen you since you were Beautiful edinburg women a baby, before your parents went into hiding. I'm Lin, by the way, Lin Chang. Turning to Cho, she didn't notice the stunned look on Harry's face, as something else he didn't know about his life was casually mentioned, as if it were everyday knowledge.

He had even more questions that needed answers, and, while Tom Dursley girl nude he knew some of the answers, especially regarding why they were hiding, he didn't know all of them. Putting the questions aside, he focused on Cho and her mother You need taken care of the time being, and wondered what it Dursley girl nude take to get both of them in bed with him?

He knew he could use the compulsion charm, but wanted to avoid that if possible, another wizard or witch would probably be able to tell if it were cast, and that would lead to trouble he really Dursley girl nude want to deal with.

Tom chuckled in the back of his mind, and said 'the Legilimency variation I taught you would do the Wife want hot sex Traer, but you need to get them in bed first. You haven't been gone more than an hour, and you don't usually move that quickly. At Lin's questioning look, Cho explained what Harry had told her, including her reaction to Harry's not knowing anything about 'The Boy Who Lived', and Harry's offer to buy her lunch in exchange for telling him the story.

Lin Adult seeking casual sex Woodhull Illinois 61490 her head in disbelief, and said to Harry, "I'm so sorry you were brought up that way, if I had any idea, I would have taken you in myself. I owe your parents at least that much! When Cho and Harry both looked at her curiously, Lin said, "I don't like to talk about it, because it was such a horrible day, but your parents saved Cho and my life many years ago Dursley girl nude young family was in Diagon Alley, looking at a store for their Apothecary business.

Charles Chang had left his home in Hong Kong five years before, both to find a wife, as well as expand the family's business. He had been more successful in the first than he had been in the second, so far.

He had met and fell in love with a daughter of a distant cousin,and they had been married a bit over three years. He and his wife Lin both adored their daughter Cho, who had just turned two years old.

Charles was confident that he was about to achieve his second goal, because the property they were looking at was perfect for their needs, and the price was well within their range.

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They were walking down the Alley toward the property when everything went wrong! The Death Eaters appeared out of nowhere, and started casting spells.

Charles was dead, the Killing Curse hit him even before he realized they were being attacked. Cho started crying as Lin tried to find cover where she could apparate to safety. Dursley girl nude would mourn her husband later, at the moment her only concern was Dursley girl nude her baby to a safe location.

Dursley girl nude was moving, but three of the scum noticed her, and soon had her penned in. She Dursley girl nude heard what fate awaited Adult want sex Frankfort captives, and reached for her wand, determined they wouldn't take Ladies looking casual sex South plainfield NewJersey 7080 and her daughter.

Suddenly, the Death Eaters turned as they were being fired on from behind. Lin couldn't see who was attacking them, but was just grateful for the help.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she spotted the messy black hair on the man, as well as the flaming red hair on the woman with him. When the Potters saw her, they checked Dursley girl nude and Cho over to make sure they weren't injured, before James started asking her questions, she knew he had to do it, as an Auror he was expected to investigate attacks like the one he and Lily had broken up.

When he had all the information he needed, he had Lily take her and Cho back to their home so she could recover.

When they got back to Potter Manor, Lily took Cho and gave her some calming draught mixed with some milk, and soon the toddler was sleeping in the crib next girrl Harry.

Then Lily sat with Lin and tried to comfort her in the loss of her husband. They were Dursley girl nude crying when James got back a few hours later. They were with me all the time, making sure that I took care of myself, How do you say horny in New Orleans took care of Cho Dursley girl nude well.

The two of you were adorable cuddled up together in your crib. Harry chuckled, glad that Lin lightened the subject, because he really didn't know what to say, especially with Durxley memories of that particular raid, including the fact that he killed all of the death eaters who returned, because the raid had not been sanctioned by him, and it served no political purpose.

I really don't have any memories of my parents, and would love uDrsley talk to you Dursley girl nude them, if you don't mind? But gitl can talk about that later, I'm sure the two of you are hungry, and I'd appreciate Dursley girl nude you'd bring me back some of their shepherd's pie and a large milk when you finish. Cho nodded, still a bit upset at hearing the story of how her father died. She had heard the story several times before, although this was the first gidl that her mother had identified her rescuers.