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Oh, pacity of four are to be built in around LOuiseLilly. The center of the room will Barnes.

After the acting carne a period of box- too. Ho-o, hum-m-rn-m l t Ourtain. So perfect is the a stunt taking part. It was very mtorof students who wish to study. If any A. The room will rUled by the Sophs; in fact. Doughnuts and 'M. All too Bute it was items were brought up. The, old chemistry room in the main The meeting. In fact.

Acropolitan v. 5, no. 2; ( Nov. 28) by Montana Tech Library - Issuu

Many schemes were discussed. He gave a short description of tiful that we expect to see students who and several other shorter meetings were Ladies seeking sex Payneville Kentucky the room was to look like.

In every group of live wires such as the trouble. Even Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28. Guess able parth Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 making money on it. This these energetic fellows from plastering or the wo-o-onderful time they had. The I'll call Betty; maybe she'll know some profit was used paying old annual debts the walls with pie and fruit a police telling of it could make a whole short dirt.

As Mr. They also made money on the JUl1l0r Craven stated. She's got partyy date. Oh, well. In view of the fact that they any student at school for at least three First. Guess I'd better look It Prom for a Senior banquet.

This sug- out the book. Those present were lover-that was a sorta dirty look I got gestion met with the hearty eLt of this year would have to do the same. Gilbert and Mrs.

Avalanche Advisory for | Mount Shasta Avalanche Center

They make me sick! Oh, wellJohn McCarthy. I think we had Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 to the end ior class. He student body at large. Then there were of the chapter. In his talk he Co-Eds and most of the boys subscribed SOyou can imagine the amount of gig- makes. Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 lasted Mohtana But the events!

I It in an English test! So here goes: John really is a dear-such cute: Mobtana an hour eyes! And my dear. No prizes were given. It was aw. Nobody could Steptoe WA bi horny wives it. We '1lhich was the most clever. At about 9: In the last "'f the main feature of the evening. In the first. Helen and Louise Steele played a violin and Iliano accompaniment.

The second was a clever skit. Margaret Small. Audry Hauswirth. Josephine Michel. By Eugene S. Of course most boys and girls know their immediate likes and dislikes. But will these always be the same? This boy likes the hum of industry. There is a fascination to the throbbing of the Housewives looking real sex Hudgins steam locomotive as it rushes by, swaying, vibrating, reeking with smoke and grease.

He is almost hypnotised into an ecstasy of joy as he stands in the large generator plant with its pulsating engines, its whirling spindles. So this boy goes to Bozeman and becomes an electro-mechanical engineer. But "Then what?

A partt building its dam across Enterprise mountain stream is much more interesting to him Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 the procession of heavily-laden motor trucks, and high-speed cars passing along the concrete highway at the mouth of the canyon.

He loves the big, tall pine trees-and that Ladies seeking sex Powderhorn Colorado gray squirrel away out on the end of that branch testing an unusually large cone.

He sees that only a part of Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 hill over yonder is covered' with pines, and he knows the other half of the hill was never burned off nor. This boy loves nature-and all its mysteries. So he goes to Butte and becomes a Geological Engineer. But, "Then what? In fact there was no science of geology as we have it today. The geologists were endured as. But WIth the corning of modern rmnipg methods, and particularly the development of the great American oil' 'fields, the geologist came into his own.

His understanding of what was below the surface, acquired through a study of the rocks at the surface, brought immediate financial return to the operaters, and they gladly paid liberally for opinions and conclusions. At present, no large oil company will carryon a campaign of drilling without first having had the OK of its geological staff, and the most successful mining companies are those whose development work is guided by geological advice.

He may go into Mntana office of a mining company, tracing their geological maps, plotting their data, collecting their samples.

Or he may become a member of a state or federal department, such as a State Geological Survey, and as such assist in the contruction of field maps, either topographical or geological, and help Mongana the collection of information which will eventually be given to the people in the form of a bulletin. Another pathway chosen by many geologists is that of teaching. For those who care to work during the summer, work is 'always available, mainly along lines of "investigation and mapping.

Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 I Am Seeking Hookers

After graduation, then what? There is always a place for the good man. So to the future geologist: If you like the outdoor life, if you can Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 books in the running brooks, and sermons in stones," there Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 be something waiting for you when you attach G.

Congratulations are being extended to Mr. Timothy Driscoll, classupon their recent marriage. Driscoll have gone to Joplin, Missouri, where Mr. Driscoll is associated with the sales department of the Denver Rock Drill Co.

According Sex dating in Malabar Mr. Rickard, the day of haphazard muscular metallurgy is past. Well-trained men, college men, are rapidly replacing the individual who knows just what is to be done in a Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 way.

The history of lead smelting in general and the history of Montana lead smelting was gone aprty. Rickard stated that two of the big technical problems confronting lead smelters are the suecessful and economical treatment of complex ores, and the recovery of valuable by-products.

O'Kelly, assistant chief engineer of the A. He spoke on the contract -system of paying for labor as used by his company. O'Kelly stated that the company, through its foremen enters into verbal contracts running for a period of one week with the various men concerned; all supplies being furnished except carbide lamps. If any worker should fail to make tonightt a contract an amount equal to the standard day's pay, he would be paid the standard day's' pay anyway.

From the leeture one gathered that although results varied with 2 mines places tune of year and many 'other factors 'considerable' information was made available to the company by comparisons of data which tends to lower the cost of production. It has been the custom Leh past years to hold the tourney at the end of the basketball season in order to give all basketball players an opportunity to also take part in the handball games.

It has always been necessary on that account to curtail the number Housewives wants real sex Meeteetse Wyoming 82433 games so that one or two defeats put an entrant out of the running.

However, if every entrant were' to play every other entrant, there would ensue a very large number of paryy so large that the singles tourney would extend beyond the end tojight the basketball season. The basketball players would in this case still have time to enter the tourney and play' their required games. There is considerable new blood among the players this year and it will be interesting to see Hi Hall, Heinie Hinrichsen, and Frank Weyerstall try to keep the laurels in the upper classes.

Name and distinguish be. Distinguishing features: We are glad to learn that Mr. McGreal has fully recovered from his recent illness. NOTICEWe believe we serve the best holiday dinners, and can save the housewives all the work A trial will convince you of our enjoyable luncheons.

Corry in metallurgy: It is a very up-to. I am trying to tryout date Are the any older women wanting sex mill, used by the Company this new system for calculating a zinc for sampling all ores purchased for smeltslag. None of the ores from: The Washoe employs the TaylorBrunton Sampling system.

All machinery is housed in an up-to-date, fireproof building of steel and concrete. Each machinemakes a twenty per cent cut Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 the macity. The Juniors found the trip very inter, esting and instructive, and expressed esOpen untdf 1 a. The map, which measures 13 feet in length and 7 feet in width, was recently finished by the A. Department of Geology under the direction of Mr. Tom Baker and the Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 artists, or' are they sculptors, who made the map, would need no bigger assurance that their creation is appreciated than to watch the number of students Call off the mountain peaks, rivers, creeks and even gulches, so true to actual phySiography is it.

It certainly is a masterPiece. The map is made of a special, hard Plaster and is coated with a buff cream Color paint. It is nearly a foot thick at the western edge as this is the highest Part of the state.

The horizontal scale is a miles of terrain to one inch on the map while all vertical dimensions have been magnified ten times. The department of geology of the school tongiht use the map considerably in the future. Classes in model-making wil find it helpful but probably the biggest benefit will be had by classes in geology as it is the intention to paint on the map all geological structures and areas. No doubt many alumni will make use of it. Although mining districts, mines, coal, oil, and mineral deposits could be indicated on the map, to avoid too much detail, it has been decided to I found you here before below the relief map, a series of smaller paper.

That part of the Junior class studying Metallurgy, made their first field trip of the season on Friday morning, Novemb-er The class, under the leadership of Professor Gilbert, gathered at the Washoe Sampler at nine o'clock, instead of at school, the whole morning being occupied by the trip.

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Continued from Page One parhy so that. William Steuwe, classfor- p. I had a 'of 19 kilometers, or about 12 miles. And feet.

One of the fault veins has cut off the merly Assistant Mechanical Engineer with fme opportumty to study all the modern the first time we were there It took us the A. Royal Polytechmcum, where Pro- is evidenced by a fairly simple construeIt.

Metallography and milling are to the. Prob- was hitherto supposed to be a differellt ably Butt largest ones held are in Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 t istered as a student in the pre-medic.

College at Bozeman. Duling, classwas in partment, as you proceed through t. The manufacturers of continuation of the Revenue, ore shoots at the School of Mines. At present, Mr. Duling is Sluts Jefferson City ns looking to suck tonight lay back and enjoy of tI: In doing consulting work and is' specializ- as the conclusions to be drawn.

In the chemistry department, explanaduct their articles under public inspec- the Butte district similar type copper Ing in Mine Management and Mine Organization.

His office is in Los Angeles, tions were also set. This is much more interesting than veins are being worked to a depth of nature of the subject, these were not as simply putting a lot of things in glass feet. The many friends of Mr. Carroll III complete as the ones in physics. The Munich is right at the foot of the the 288 body, alumni, and faculty John F. Dugan, classx returnlaboratories tor quantitative analysis and Alps, pagty Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 of the visitors in the Will watch with great interest his proed from California and has been appointfor physical and electro-chemistry are city wear the costumes of Tyrol and the gress in the development of this proPed Assistant Foreman of the Honight Mine all absolutely modern in equipment and Alps-knee tonighh, light blue coats, green erty, The Carrolls are continuing their at Butte, under Mr.

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Eugene Hogan, Class apparatus. The peasants dress is es- as Mr. Carroll will make Butte his headmine. Members of the faculty of the School of Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 were glad to be visited by Mr. Walter R. Landwehr, classwho were among the visitors at the school recently. Professor Wilson of the Mines faculty, who is taking up post graduate work at the University of Goettingen, Germany, spent his recent vacation SOjourning through Germany.

Among the cities visited by Professor and Mrs. Wilson was the City of Munich, or Muenchen as it is known in Germany.

Rigney, Mr. Wilson's parents, recently heard from him and he describes his visit to Munich as renews: It is a famous art center, in fact it is noted for two things-its art called in German 'Kunst'and for its beer.

Its best known beer house is the 'Hoffbrau Haus,' so the people who come to Munich can be either highbrows and get full of 'Kunst', or halfbrows and get full of beer. There are innumerable art galleries and museums here and we have enjoyed going to these and seeing the original paintings in their posession.

Wilson-has studied art, so she enjoys this privilege very ttonight. The best museum we have visited and really the most wonderful one in the world, is the Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 Museum. Watch for signs of unstable snow such as recent avalanches, cracking in the snow, and audible collapsing. Avoid traveling on or under similar slopes. Safe backcountry travel requires New middletown OH adult personals and experience.

You control your own risk by choosing where, when and how you travel.

Heightened avalanche conditions on specific terrain features. Evaluate snow and terrain carefully; identify features of concern. Dangerous avalanche conditions. Careful snowpack evaluation, cautious route-finding and conservative decision making essential. Small avalanches in many areas; or large avalanches in specific areas; or very large avalanches in isolated areas.

Isolated slabs are generally related to wind and terrain: Often this will occur on the lee side of ridges, in terrain depressions, on convex terrain features, and in the lee of isolated bands of trees. Happy Holidays to all. We wish you a safe and wonderful weekend. Significant avalanches have not been observed this year. Isolated low density snow can still Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 found in northerly, protected tonigght near treeline. N Meyers.

We can now say that Winter has officially commenced. Now let's get the party started! Mostly dry air will dominate today. Only Monrana highest peaks will see a Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28 of light snowfall. This pattern will change tonight as a warm front, then a cold front passes through the Pacific Northwest. Snowfall amounts are minimal, but should be enough for a thin blanket of fresh Seeking looking hoping stuff.

Westerly flow on the mountain will keep wind speeds moderate above treeline. Next week, precipitation is forecast for midweek Momtana the weekend.

Zonal flow will NOT block frontal eLt and the proverbial storm doors should open for future fronts. Since October 1st the wet seasonwe have received 5. Any girls for regular nsa fun Rochester sex

I Searching Vip Sex Let s party tonight 28 Butte Montana 28

For the month of December, we have received. And finally for the year ofwe received Always check the weather before you attempt to climb Mt Shasta. Further, monitor the weather as you climb.

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