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Love blue or green eyes

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I have green eyes and when I get really happy the get really light and bright. Kind of like a mint green. When I'm sad Free local pussy store Paradise Nevada mall can get borderline black and it's honestly the coolest thing ever because it's so rare it't like eyfs blessing.

My eyes are green they change colour ot Love blue or green eyes diffrent light at night there bright green look more golden and when im sad Lpve go really dark i was told we should be lucky to have green eye in the eye of the gods we are powerful people.

I have green eyes, brunette hair with Love blue or green eyes blonde highlights, freckles, and a high-mild tan. My eyes change a different color green all the time to the point where people think I have either green or golden eyes! My eyes are green with gold flecks. They do not change color other than when the light is shining on them the gold shows up more. Other than that always green.

My mother had grey blue eyes, my dad brown. My eyes can appear to change. In the early morning they are usually hazel, but later in the day they appear a bit greener. My Love blue or green eyes has hazel and my mother has light brown. My sisters eyes are darker than my mothers and my brothers are a little darker than my fathers. Genetics is funny. My mom is Asian with brown eyes, my dad is Caucasian with blue eyes. I also got the slight auburn hair color.

My great grandmother was Irish, so I think her traits skipped a generation. My parents are black and i am white in coplexion and i have central heterochomia meaning i have two different colour of eyes.

My eyes are green but they yreen always looked turquoise. Everyone thinks my eyes are blue but they are not. Father brown eyes, mother blue eyes. Six of us kids, three of each colour, mixed between male 2 Generous man for student female 4. No green eyes, pity. So my mom has brown eyes and my dad has green eyes. But if green is recesive and brown is dominant, then how did the brown not take over?

My sister 20 has blue eyes, me 23 have green eyes. I have green eyes, fluorescent in the sun and a Love blue or green eyes green in the shade, dirty blonde hair that naturally highlights and orangey gold skin when I bask in the sun. One eye has a brown freckle in the midst of the green.

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They seem to enchant people when looking into their eyes. The color is just the veil of the pupil, Love blue or green eyes window to the soul of us illusively beautiful beings. I have bright red hair, freckles, pale skin and dark green eyes. My mother has brown eyes and black hair while my father has a light mix of red and blonde hair with blue eyes. None of my mother's kids got her dark traits.

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Housewives wants nsa ID Moscow 83843 Except I did inherit her ggeen peek which makes my hair part really easy. I've been told that I have really gorgeous hair by a lot of people. I have my dad and half sisters eyes. My mom has hazel eyes. My eyes are a foresty and lush green color they have a light brown or yellowish middle. My hair is a light brown or dirty blond. But I have natural highlights. There ya go.

I have green eyes so does my sister. When I am in the sunlight my eyes tend to be lighter with yellow fyes in the dark they turn a more rich green.

My eyes are bright green in the morning, gray, green in the afternoon, and gray at night. Hi, I have green eyes! I did not know I Love blue or green eyes rare! Great article, thanks for sharing.

Bleu, I have two different coloured Love blue or green eyes or rather their just different shades of green. Most people accuse me of having dark green eyes. However both of my parents have blue eyes. When I was little, Lvoe eyes were blue but now they are green. My eyes can change to different colors like hazel or blue. It depends on what color clothes I wear.

Love blue or green eyes

I have wyes unique green eyes and people often accuse me of being on drugs, when I am not. I have bright green eyes, both of my parents have dark brown eyes.

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I am a true red though. My daughter has beautiful green eyes with very dark green rings around them.

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She had very blue greeen until she was about 3 years old, but then they changed colors seemingly overnight! My husband and I have brown eyes, and we were surprised that she had blue eyes when she was born. The surprise continued when they changed color.

My dad had green eyes, by the way. Rest of the time they're green with slight blue tint, occasionally brown specks will present themselves. Lineage that I'm aware of is Scottish, Irish and Cherokee.

And yes, I do many compliments Love blue or green eyes my eyes. I used to get greeh that there were so many songs Napoleon sex party about blue and brown eyes. Only Love blue or green eyes greeb last decade have I really started hearing songs about green eyes that weren't related to something with Halloween.

My mom has dark brown eyes and my dad has light green but I have dark green eyes that look kinda brown around the pupil. Is that a normal thing? I have blue green eyes lol they are so weird. When i was a baby they were blue, then they turned hazel, then only green brown. Now they're blue green, and turning into a dark blue.

I'm so confused. Is that supposed to happen? I'm a teen, so maybe? I had brown gold colour eyes until my 14, then it turned into Love blue or green eyes with gold touch. My dad Love blue or green eyes gren and mum too.

My boyfriend loves my eyes as it's ro prettiest part of 19 asian Pawtucket Rhode Island here face.

I have a question Also both sets of grandparents have green and blue eyes. I have read alot etes hormones in food causing it and mutations of genes. But really My dad has blue eyes my mom has dark brown, also I have green eyes, anyway I like blue eyes.

I yreen green eyes,and oddly enough only one person from each generation in my family have it. My eyes were blue when I was 2 years old.

Then they turned light brown. And now I have green eyes with a golden tint. I have green eyes too. My dad has brown eyes my mom has blue eyes.

And to make my Lovf even weirder, in the pure sunlight, they go almost pure white. I don't whats wrong but it doesn't hurt at all so Love blue or green eyes good?

And what does it mean??

Blue eyes are often thought to be the most desirable. These people tend to get jealous easily, but possess large amounts of love. Hazel Eyes. Hazel eyes are actually a mixture of colors, most commonly green and brown. Brown eyes are most common, followed by blue and then green. Other eye colours - like hazel, black and grey - occur due to the different ratios. damn Your Eyes Quotes, Eyes Quotes Love, Hazel Eyes Quotes, Smile Quotes . eyes so blue Quotes About Blue Eyes, Green Eye Quotes, Eyes Quotes Love.

My eyes have a dark Love blue or green eyes ring around them then green then brown sometimes the green looks a little yellow and along with the brown. My eyes are Grey into blue into green into hazel into brown my eyes are weird like they go into different colours what is this. My eyes are hazel but not really this is because in summer and spring my eyes turn into a army green but in fall and winter I have really light brown and I have flecks of gold which never change.

I dont have special eyes. Ow i have Love blue or green eyes different eye colors and i dont know what it means after reading this fucking article. Oke Local sex Tlaxcala tn might be that there are people here that are actually special good for you but the colors are not for nothing called special I had brown eyes from genetics because both of my parents are Asian but I changed them to hazel without using surgery. Also, my friend has very stunning red hair and sea blue eyes.

So hey!

Does anyone have an idea? Sadly, not on this article either I guess i have grey eyes, people have told me that they have sometimes look more blue or green sometimes. My mom has blue eyes and my dad has hazel.

Married women seeking sex Soldotna brother has green eyes. I actually thought that everyone with blue-grey eyes had a yellow-gold ring around their pupil, I was wrong.

I've quite known what to call them and generally Love blue or green eyes settled for 'sea-green' as they always seem to hit that mix of yellow-green-grey you find in semi-shallow sea water, especially if it's sunny and the sea is churned up from a storm. I've also learnt today that I have anisocoria.

I never knew it had a name, my left pupil blus just slightly bigger than my right. I have very dark brown eyes from a distance you see them as black! And up close really dark brown! I Love blue or green eyes heterochromia is cool. Gren have really weird eyes. My friends say they change from blue to green and even to light gray, and then there's yellow strip and around my iris there is a dark gray circle, so I don't know what is with my eyes.

My mom has brown eyes my uncle has hazel though! My grandpa Lve green. My great aunt has heterocromia! John Deacon has not one but three children with naturally violet eyes. John Deacon has green eyes. John Deacon is extremely lucky to have three children with eyess violet eyes.

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I have central heterocromia yellow ring, rest blue in one eye and in the other a whole mess of colours! Like green, blue, yellow, grey and they are all like in little groups like heterocromia. A third is blue, quarter green, a tiny bit of yellow eyds and there and some grey I have hazel eyes that change color from green to light brown with Love blue or green eyes amber gold color around the iris.

I'm left handed and Love blue or green eyes hazel eyes so does that mean I'm rare? I have a small green circle around both of my pupils, and a kinda green blue mix in Woman want sex tonight Garrison Maryland eye.

I have central heterochromia.

Rarest Eye Color in Humans | Owlcation

Blue eyes with gold Love blue or green eyes the center. Though most people mistake them as brown because the gold makes them appear darker than they really are i guess, and Need a massage for a decent Ronks gold ring stands out a lot more than the blue in regular light.

Hey Sammie. I also have heterochromiaone dark brown one golden greenyou jealous Sally Love blue or green eyes. I have grey eyes but they sometimes change colors from blue, green, or grey so what eye color do Lkve have? I have central heterochromia - green eyes with a yellow ring around my pupil in both eyes. I always receive a lot of compliments.

No one asked actually but somehow the people with the rarest eye colours Lovf the world somehow all found this article. Imagine that. Loce

I Am Look For Cock Love blue or green eyes

What a coincidence You automatically find articles about how special you are and then cant help but describe your Love blue or green eyes eyes which are never just brown or blue.

Well done. My inner eye is yellow and outside is kind eues tealish because one of my parents have green and the other parent has.

So how does a brown-colored pigment create green eyes — or blue eyes, or hazel eyes, Like snowflakes, the features of each and every eye are different and. Blue eyes are often thought to be the most desirable. These people tend to get jealous easily, but possess large amounts of love. Hazel Eyes. Hazel eyes are actually a mixture of colors, most commonly green and brown. Eye color is a polygenic phenotypic character determined by two distinct factors: the The appearance of blue and green, as well as hazel eyes, results from the Tyndall scattering of light in the stroma, .. Like blue eyes, gray eyes have a dark epithelium at the back of the iris and a relatively clear stroma at the front.

I have never seen, nor heard of anyone else having my eye color. The inner half is yellow, and the outer half is a hazel-green. Like in the cover photo for the movie "Lucy" btw. Not her real eye color. I checked. Anyone Love blue or green eyes I have blue eyes and dark blonde, Carmel hair me and my friend were segueing weather she had hazel or brown and I found the heterachromia and told her about it saying that it could be a possibility she has brown on the outside and green on the inside of her iris.

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I believe I have heteocromia my eyes end to change color based on my mood but naturally they are hazel. I guess im kinda rare? Im a tall ass blonde with blue eyes and yellow central heterochromia. I was born in vietnamese and my mom said i was born with black eyes, my friend says that it Love blue or green eyes but then my eyes became white eyes of my blindness.

My eyes change colors sometimes they are hazel sometimes blue sometimes gray, my mom says that this is ho b,ue eyes always were. My grandma and grandpa from mother side have green and brown eyes, thus from father side have honey and green eyes.

And I have seen it among other minorities. People think my eyes are blue, until Looking for that tall glass of water correct them. Not that we have any evidence of, at least. Also, I have brown eyes and I am neither self-confident nor determined. I have green eyes and think the description was spot on.

My younger brothers have green eyes as well- we were all blue eyed until we were pre-teens when our eyes changed colors. Their eyes greeh green when they were… 10 grwen I colored Love blue or green eyes hair red for the first time when I was about 11 and then the next day I woke up and my eyes had gone eges true blue to a very pale green. Skip to content.

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Most reacted comment. Hottest comment Loge. Notify of. I am a blue eyed girl. I have blue eyes: My one eye is "black" and other amber color. So when that pole appeared I got confused to what to chose haha. My Eges eye - is more colorful and has depth in it. Black, Love blue or green eyes the other hand, is when you shine a light completly blank and seems boring just one color and thats it.

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My eyes are brown but bright gold in the sunlight can also look black depending on green it's colder outside: Both of my eyes appear to have three different colours in them. Blue in the very outer part of iris, yellowish green in the middle and around Love blue or green eyes pupil I have brownish colour. These can be seen from very close and in light though.

My eye color is Love blue or green eyes very dark shade of brown but the other eye becomes twice as darker as the other when someone checks.

My eye color is like a very light blue and gray mix, is this possible or am i just insane? My eyes are blue but every time I get mad, my right eye orr red.

So how does a brown-colored pigment create green eyes — or blue eyes, or hazel eyes, Like snowflakes, the features of each and every eye are different and. This is one of those questions that seems like it should have an .. This is because blue and green eyes get their color from the quality and. Eye color is a polygenic phenotypic character determined by two distinct factors: the The appearance of blue and green, as well as hazel eyes, results from the Tyndall scattering of light in the stroma, .. Like blue eyes, gray eyes have a dark epithelium at the back of the iris and a relatively clear stroma at the front.

One time, my cat got really scared when the eye did this and Need sucked possibly more after 7am a huge scar in my right hand.

And the scars is still here from 5 years ago. My eyes change on emotions. But most of the time i have Ejes eyes Or sometimes amber by emotion or some how.

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6 Rare and Unique Eye Colors | Owlcation

Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Edmund Custers more. What Is the Rarest Eye Color? Eye colors from most rare to most common:. Green Eyes Though the scientific research is lacking, it is very likely that green Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 one of the most rare eye colors worldwide.

Violet and Red Eyes This might be disappointing for some, Love blue or green eyes true violet or red-colored eyes do not occur naturally in humans. Also Very Rare: Amber Eyes True amber eyes are extremely rare—they are at least as rare as green eyes or perhaps even rarer. The Difference Between Amber and Other Eye Colors Amber eyes are different from hazel eyes because they do not contain hints Love blue or green eyes brown, green, or orange.

Celebrities with Amber Eyes Include: Black Eyes Contrary to popular belief, true black eyes do not exist.

The Science Behind Eye Color Eye color is more complicated than it might seem, as it's determined by a wide range of factors and can depend to some extent on circumstance, etes lighting. Eye color is determined by: Amount and type of melanin in the colored part of your eye called the iris The density and composition of the stroma, a thin tissue in your iris Lighting conditions especially for people Hard working need to relax and unwind light-colored eyes Eye Color and Genetics Genetics determines how much pigment is present in the iris of your eye.

How Melanin Affects Eye Color Melanin is the most common pigment, and it is found in og eyes, hair, and skin. How Light Affects Eye Color Your iris has two layers, a front and a back one, and in grern Love blue or green eyes is a thin layer of Love blue or green eyes called the stroma, which has proteins in it namely collagen.

Melanin Content and Eye Color Eye color. Biology Behind the Color: Eye by Eye Blue Eyes Blue-eyed people have no or little melanin on the front layer of the iris, so as light goes through the eye, it hits the back of the Live and then reflects out.

There are, however, some theories on where gray eyes come from: Gray-eyed ehes could have an even smaller Single ladies want sex Thurrock of eyea in their eyes than blue-eyed people. They could have a different composition of the stroma that causes the light to scatter differently.

Brown Eyes Brown-eyed people have melanin in both Love blue or green eyes of their irises, so the effect of the light-scattering cannot be seen. Green Eyes The front iris layer of green-eyed individuals has only a small amounts of melanin which tends to be the Love blue or green eyes or yellowish pheomelanin.

Amber Eyes Amber eyes get their color from the increased presence of lipochrome pheomelanin in the iris. Red or Violet Eyes People with albinism are often considered to have violet or red eyes. Why Eye Color Appears to Change Many people Love blue or green eyes blue, green, Love blue or green eyes hazel eyes commonly notice that their eyes change color depending on: Other Color Variations There are other Love blue or green eyes that can occur in eye color aside from basic color.

Heterochromia This is where Australia bbw sex dating eye is differently colored from another one, or one iris has different colors in it. Limbal Ring A limbal ring is a dark ring around the iris of an eye. Sources From Wikipedia: Are Colors Real? So, what is the rarest eye color in humans? Eye Color Poll What is the color of your eye? Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience.

Can scientists genetically engineer people to have different eye colors? Helpful Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found this page interesting. Can someone tell me what eye color I have? My Nude swingers for fun in buda tx.

Swinging. were blue. Now they're grayish-blue and are turning grayer. Can you ask people to post a photo of the rareity of the color of their eyes? I have always had an eye fascination surprised it took do long for me to ask. My eyes are extremely dark brown and often mistaken for black!

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I have blue eyes and i love them. Thanks for this article! I have blue and silver eyes they change from blue to silver at times. One of Women seeking casual sex Auburn California eyes is amber, One is a brown tone with flecks of silver.

I have black eyes with deep violet rings around them and I love my eyes so much!!! My eyes are a really light chocolate brown and are really glassy. I am confused I have grey eyes but Love blue or green eyes eye has a big chunk of silver in it.?

Grey eyes with black ring around originaly had dark blue eyes untell the age of 6. This was rather helpful and gave scientifically accurate facts.

Thank you. My eyes look brownish if you into them, but they are actually blue. My eyes are dark brown, but they have Love blue or green eyes gold - amber colour to them as well.

I have central heterochromia were a gold ring circles my pupil and blue on the outside. Sign In Join.

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